Part science lab, part art studio

Everyone who makes beer–whether a novice home brewer or seasoned professional–loves the fascinating combination of art and science involved in crafting beer they can be proud of. Although there are only four main ingredients in beer– water, yeast, malt and hops–the process of brewing offers virtually endless possibilities for creativity, discovery and enjoyment.

Confluence brewers tend to every quality-controlling detail in their art studio/science lab while imagining and trying new types of beer. Book a tour of our brewery or stop by and enjoy our taproom… and bring your ideas for better beer! We’re always happy to hear them.

Our Process

We believe that if you take care of the quality of your beer, that only good things will follow after. It’s why we don’t cut corners anywhere. We give our lagers nearly two months to lager properly in order to develop the cleanest beers we can. We let our fruited beers sit for 6 weeks or more in order to develop the deepest flavor, aroma and color possible. We use natural ingredients, no extracts or flavorings because we believe it tastes better and makes better beer. We monitor our fermentations and oxygen pickup closely to ensure every can you buy won’t spoil and won’t explode. And we perform routine sensory evaluation on our packaged product to make sure we catch a mistake in our process as quickly as we can. Our process isn’t the easiest, and it’s not the quickest, but we believe that if you choose to spend your hard earned money on our beer, then you deserve the highest quality product possible.

With that foundation of quality processes in place, we strive to innovate and impress. We release so many unique brands of beer every year because it’s fun! It’s fun to brew new beers with new flavor combinations we’ve never tried to achieve, and we know it’s definitely fun to drink new beers. We strive to innovate as a collective; ideas for new beers don’t just come from brewers but also from our sales and distribution staff, our taproom team, and our fans. That diversity gives us a veritable trove of experiences to draw upon in order to constantly create, always in search of the next beer that will make us all say “WOW”!

Consistent quality and collaborative creativity are the bedrock of Confluence Craft Beer, and how we manage to bring good things together.





At Confluence, we are committed to creating and distributing our products in an environmentally conscious and resourceful way. We are consistently evaluating processes in order to foster a sustainable future for our company and the community in which we live and work. We honor this commitment with every local resource we use and business we partner with. We strive to use best practices when it comes to sustainability and realize our efforts today will help shape the future of beer, and our planet, for generations to come. 

Iowa Green Brewery Certification

Developed by the Iowa Waste Reduction Center, the Iowa Green Brewery Certification (IGBC) program provides guidance to help Iowa’s craft breweries implement sustainable practices. IGBC assistance focuses on the following areas: Sustainable materials management and solid waste diversion, environmental compliance and exemptions, energy efficiency, water quality and conservation, and environmental planning. Free to all Iowa breweries, the program conducts facility audits at each brewery before providing recommendations for sustainable implementations and rewarding breweries with a certification level.

Confluence is one of thirty Iowa craft breweries that has achieved an Iowa Green Brewery Certification. We are also one of only a handful of Iowa breweries that have participated in utility benchmarking utilizing the Brewers Association Sustainability Benchmarking Tool. Benchmarking utility data allows a brewery to track and actively reduce their natural resource usage, minimize environmental impact, and save money.

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