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How do we get there?

We are located at 1235 Thomas Beck Road Des Moines, Iowa 50315. We are also accessible from the Great Western Bike Trail, just south of Grey’s Lake. Check out the map for directions.

Are pets allowed in the Taproom?

Unfortunately, we do not allow any pets in the Taproom but dogs are permitted in our beer garden and on the deck. Service animals are always welcome. Please see our full pet policy below:

Separate entrance: Other than service animals, dogs are not permitted in the building at any time. Dogs are only allowed on the deck and in the beer garden. Dogs may not access the deck or beer garden through the building. They may access from the north via the bike trail and adjoining path to the beer garden.

Leashes: Dogs must be on a leash at all times and maintained under reasonable control.

Clean up responsibilities: If an accident occurs, contact a Confluence employee immediately so that it may be cleaned up and the area disinfected properly.

Employee contact: Employees are not permitted to touch dogs while on duty. If incidental contact occurs, employee must wash hands thoroughly.

Dogs are not allowed on chairs, seats, benches, or tables at any time.

Acceptable dog behavior: Only well behaved dogs will be allowed on the deck and in the beer garden. Dogs that are barking, fighting, biting, or exhibiting other socially unacceptable behaviors will be asked to leave.

Single service items for dogs: Water may only be served to dogs from single service, disposable containers provided by Confluence.

Vaccinations: Dogs must be up to date on vaccinations.

Enforcement of rules: Confluence staff members will ask the owner (and dog) to leave if any of these rules are not followed, or if the presence of their dog is disturbing other customers or staff.

Where can I park?

We know our parking is limited. If the main lot is full, please feel free to park to the West of our building, in the marked locations. Please respect the parking stalls designated for other businesses and times allowed to park, etc. Please do not block any of the dock doors.

Do you serve wine or liquor or allow it to be brought in?

We have four different wines available by the glass from Cedar Ridge Winery. We are not legally allowed to have liquor on premise. We do not allow wine to be brought into the taproom.

Do you have table service?

No. Please place your order at the bar.

Do you give tours?

Yes! Every Friday and Saturday at 6 PM. For $10 you get a 16oz. custom chalice glass, exclusive for tours, filled with a beer to enjoy on the tour. Sign up for tours here. Tours run approximately 45 minutes. 

What beers do you have on tap right now?

Our current tap lineup can be found here;

We sell most of our beer in pints, flights and pitchers, depending on the style. Stop in and check out our selection!

Do you have any gluten-free options?

Of course! We always try to have Sutliff Cider on tap made in Lisbon, Iowa. We also carry three beers from Omission, an IPA, a pale ale and a lager. 

Do you have any non-alcoholic options?

Yes! We always have Millstream Root Beer on tap, made in the Amana Colonies, as well as an assortment of soda, Gatorade and bottled water. We also have bottles of non-alcoholic beer available. 

Are kids allowed in the taproom?

Yes, until 9pm by city ordinance. 


Do you serve food?

No, but check out our events calendar to see which food trucks are serving out front that evening. Also, check our social media accounts for last minute food truck schedule changes. You are always welcome to bring your own food in as well; we just ask that you clean up after your group. If you do bring food make sure you remember the plates and utensils you need.

Group Reservation Inquiries

Do you take reservations for large groups and parties?

We try our best! Our taproom is first come first serve, but we enjoy when you call ahead if you know you are having a large gathering. We will do our best to reserve a table for you and accommodate your group. Tuesday and Wednesday are usually the best available days to set aside tables. Unfortunately, we do not have a separate party room at this time. For safety reasons, we cannot host groups or parties in the brewery amongst the brewing equipment. 


Do you sell growlers?

Yes! We have glass and double walled stainless steel growers for sale in the taproom in two sizes; 32 oz. and 64 oz. We also have growlers for sale around the state in various liquor and grocery stores.  Growlers are for off-premise consumption only. 

How much do growlers cost in the taproom?

Glass 32oz $10; 64oz $18 (Includes first fill)

Stainless 32oz $31; 64oz $43 (Does not include first fill)

Regardless of the style of the growler, 32oz refill $7; 64oz refill $14

Due to limited quantities, specialty and limited beers are not always available for purchase in growlers or may be available at a higher price point. Check with your taproom server for availability!

Do you have canned or bottled beer?

Yes! We started canning in January of 2017 and currently have 4 beers available with many more to come! We have numerous seasonals that we package in 22 ounce 'bomber' bottles as well.

Do you fill growlers from other breweries?

Of course. We are in the beer business, not the glass business! We do, however, require the government warning to be on the vessel.

Keg Sales

Do you sell kegs?

Yes! If you know what you want ahead of time give us a call and we will set one aside for you for ease of pick up.

If you’re looking to buy a keg for your bar or establishment, please contact our Distribution Manager, Eric, at 515.528.2427. If you want to purchase a keg for your personal use, please contact our Taproom Manager, Mark, at 515.285.9005.

Do you sell kegs for weddings and large parties?

Yes! We ask you call a couple of days in advance, especially if requesting a keg tapper. We have a limited number on hand and want to make sure we can reserve what you need.
Tapper rentals are $30 and require an additional $50 deposit.

What size of kegs do you have?

1/6 barrel and 50 Liter. It’s approximately 40 pints or 105 pints, respectively. For pricing, please call or stop in the taproom. 

Confluence Brewing Company

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